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Nothing has ever felt like this. Nothing.
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Thread: Nothing has ever felt like this. Nothing.

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    Nothing has ever felt like this. Nothing.

    I was going to post something on Saturday, after that poor girl was murdered and Drumpf went off-script, letting us see who he really is. Again.
    I was going to post something on Sunday, after we learned her name: Heather Heyer.
    I was going to post something on Monday, after Drumpf's hostage-video statement. Does anybody think he believes what he was told to say on Monday?
    Now it's Tuesday, after Drumpf revealed yet again who he really is. We heard it in his own words.
    He is mentally ill. He is not fit in any way to be President of the United States. He is a sick, delusional narcissist who cannot be trusted.
    Impeach this fraction of a man NOW.

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    Well from my limited knowledge, in order to impeach him you guys are going to need Republican initiative, which is looking bleak. But yeah, it seems utterly surreal that "Nazis are bad" is now a thing that is up to debate. Really?? It's kind of sad and kind of scary how many near-future dystopian novels are maybe not even extreme enough these days

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    There are no words.

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