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Any news?
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Thread: Any news?

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    Any news?

    I saw the blog post that Melanie would work on the book in 2014. But I am not finding any news on her website, her fb page has not had a post since 2015. Just curious if she is working on anything, even if it isn't Captal's Tower.

    Kind of wonder if at this point she lost the passion for the story and we won't ever have the answers.

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    As far as I know, she's still working on/recovering from Glass Thorns? I still haven't gotten into that series because I have too much stuff to read and not enough time & energy to read it.

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    She's been working on her Glass Thorns series. The last update on it was in March 2017, Melanie had done her final edits and it was back with the publisher. (Hopefully final edits!) There hasn't been an update on if she intends to go back to Captal's Tower once this new series is complete. Years ago that was the plan, but we don't know if the plan has changed.
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    Glass Throne was a wonderful series and I am so grateful for the satisfying ending. I am ever hopeful that we will get the ending to the Exiles but as ever it is not in our hands. Much respect to Melanie for her incredible talent at creating worlds we wound love to live in.

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