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So here's a weird thing.
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Thread: So here's a weird thing.

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    So here's a weird thing.

    No, it doesn't involve Drumpf ("weird" is a little tame by way of description for the week he had).

    Tuesday night everything started tasting like soap. I brushed my teeth with particular vigor, hoping to wash out whatever was causing this. Wednesday it was worse. I looked up this ridiculous problem on the Internet Machine ("Why does my mouth taste like soap?" is, I think you'll agree, a fairly bizarre question) and discovered that there are two major causes for this. One is pregnancy. (At my age, this is not an option.) The other is too much fluoride.
    I didn't read all those Sherlock Holmes stories for nothin', folks. Logically (thanks, Mr. Spock!), there are two major suppliers of fluoride to my innards: water and toothpaste. I've been drinking this water for over a year--but on Monday night I opened a new tube of toothpaste.
    Dumped the toothpaste, scraped my tongue (an odd process in and of itself), and by Friday the taste was almost gone.
    So too much fluoride makes your mouth taste like soap. You learn something new every day....

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    I thought if you google a medical thing the results always say that you are dying. Luckily you found the one exception! I'm glad it was a quick and easy fix
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    No longer is a hypochondriac the physician's worst nightmare.
    Nowadays it's a hypochondriac with Internet access.

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    I think I had mouthwash do that recently- it was horrid. Wound up tossing the whole bottle after one use. I thought the stuff had gone bad. Flashbacks to swearing as a kid and getting soap treatment.
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