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The Big One
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Thread: The Big One

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    The Big One

    My wonderful new husband ditched me for a conference over Valentine's Weekend Twenty Years ago. I consoled myself by devouring the Mageborn Traitor in about 30 hours.

    We we're in college, my kids weren't even planned at that point, but they are 16 and 13. So, where were you and what were you doing twenty years ago?

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    Twenty years ago I was ten years old and devouring anything I could lay my eyes on to read. My family lived in a tiny travel trailer for three years so it was one of the only ways I could escape such a small place, especially on rainy days when we couldn't play or work outside. The school library was a favorite haunt, and I also had a friend whose mom bought both her daughter and I the new Animorphs every month.

    I don't know what inspired her kindness, honestly...but I'll forever be grateful. When I moved out of my parents house for college, I wound up donating the whole (very gently used) collection to the library, to try and share some of the joy that my friend and her mom gave to me.

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    I got the first Exiles book then I was a jr in high school. My parents got me a $100 gift certificate to Walden's books for Christmas and I bought a ton of fantasy and sci-fi books. Mage Born Traitor came out when I was in college. I snapped it up as soon as it was published and read it over Spring Break. I remember there was a game we played on the old message board where we guessed when Captal's Tower would be released. I guessed 02-02-2002, because I thought it would be easy to remember, and I have always had an affinity for ground hogs day. LOL. I am now pushing 40, a mom to 2 kids in elementary school. I've been peaking in here from time to time over the years. The board seems a lot quieter these days, but it is nice to see some familiar names.

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