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Thread: Know what all this feels like?

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    Pressuring the FBI to drop an investigation---check.

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    How shocking is it that Rosenstein (i think that's his name) actually appointed a credible investigator? Imagine that, someone from the Truml administration doing something right.

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    Appointment of special counsel---check.

    Don't tell anybody, but I think the service staff at the White House is on our side. Have you seen reports of what they serve this guy for dinner? Extra sauce...two scoops of ice cream...chocolate cream pie (and who the hell eats ice cream with chocolate cream pie, anyway???)....

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    White House staff lawyering up--check.

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    Notes for survival:
    1. Record the late-night talk show of your choice (or all of them!) so you can view the monologue while breakfasting. It helps a lot to start the day with a giggle.
    2. Learn (or, in my case, re-learn--I became an expert at this during the Bushie years, but got out of training during the Obama administration) the art of the MUTE button to silence the jackass of your choice. A snarled, "Shut the f**k up!" is also therapeutic, but begs for a flourish of the remote as you hit the button.
    3. Have faith--I know it's difficult--in the system. It took a long time to work in Nixon's case, but it did work.

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    The summer of the Watergate hearings--maybe I've talked about this before, but, hey, I'm old, I'm confused, and it's 103 degrees in Prescott Valley today--I took a summer school class from a professor with a lot of friends and a track record in DC. He was absolutely, utterly, totally, monumentally pissed off that he hadn't made Nixon's enemies list.

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    My sister has noticed that when I'm extremely annoyed by the news, my needle goes faster and much more emphatically in and out of the needlepoint canvas. She says this is preferable to having to get a new TV every other day from having me throw something irrevocable at it...
    Result of all this infuriated stitching: My family and friends are getting a shipload of pillows and door-hangers for Christmas. (I'm doing a lot of "Noel" for the latter, and my favorite for the former is "Nasty Woman" in a lovely, genteel, ladylike script, with tiny, delicate little silk flowers added for irony.)

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    The World According to Drumpf....
    I guess I shouldn't have bothered to spend four years at Scripps getting a degree in European History.

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