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My sister's sense of humor
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Thread: My sister's sense of humor

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    My sister's sense of humor

    She had minor surgery the other day (successful) and said afterwards that she'd been hoping that, as she came out of the anesthetic, they'd ask her "Who's the President?" so she could answer, "Hillary Clinton." No luck, but hey, if the Drumpfies can have their "alternative facts," we can damned well have ours.

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    My sister also says that she hopes that "Red Dawn" won't become a documentary.

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    Idiocracy is already manifesting as such...*facepalm*
    “You can't wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club.”~ Jack London

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    After the Sunday night mess on the Oscars, I opined that I hoped Jimmy Fallon would blame Matt Damon.
    My sister responded with, "No, they'll just exile the accountant to Billings, Montana."
    (rim shot!)

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