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Y'know you've read Golden Key too many times when -
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Thread: Y'know you've read Golden Key too many times when -

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    Y'know you've read Golden Key too many times when -


    I dunno how long that link will be up, but it's a guy who paints in blood.. and I'm like thinking, well that's rather Sario of him


    In 1988, he was arrested and permanently banned from New York's Museum of Modern Art after he left his legendary "Blood X" -- a giant X splashed on the wall using his own blood -- between two Picasso paintings in dedication to the victims of police brutally during the Tompkins Square Park riots that year.

    Kantor left another similar "gift" between two Marcel Duchamp paintings at the National Gallery of Canada, in Ottawa, which also resulted in him being barred. Duchamp was one of Kantor's original sources of inspiration.

    "I did a piece in the Duchamp room in 1991. That was in connection with the war against Iraq, in which Canada was participating," Kantor told Reuters in an interview.

    His "Blood Campaign" began in Montreal in 1979. Asked about his fascination with blood, Kantor responded, "I thought it was a very useful part of my body. I could access it easily. I studied medicine -- I'm a nurse. I do my blood takings myself," he said. "The purpose was to turn my blood into an object of art, and sell it as an object of art, and through selling my blood, finance the neoist movement."

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    When Chez (tranquilwiccan) and I went to see Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets on opening day, we both could've sworn we saw the painting that Sario's next to on the cover in the backroom of the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom.

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    Really? I'll have to check that out... (yes! the weekend! time to do stuff!)
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    I knew I had read GK too many times when I was sitting in my Civ Pro class listening to this one guy going on and on about something completely irrelevant and I found myself wishing I could paint him silent.
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    I know it's been too many times for me if I go to the Bath and Body sale and I wonder: "If I buy the Apple lotion, will it really be good for Temptation? Ooh, or maybe I should get Moonlight Path because that has roses and violets which is love and faithfulness...." Yep, I'm geeky.
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    As someone who spends their working hours getting shrieked at by wannabe stock brokers . . . well, painting someone silent sounds heavenly. Although I'd settle for painting them into having manners and a few ounces of common sense. ("I don't care WHAT Mr. and Mrs. Smith want, it's just not possible to establish a joint IRA. Look, it's a contradiction of terms, right? Are you quite sure you're licensed?!)

    Ooo . . . do you really think apple's good for temptation???
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    I wonder if you can paint a brain into some people. I'd paint people that come to my work happy so they don't bitch at me for something out of my control. Like why they don't have any refills on their zoloft because "I brought in 3 prescriptions a few months ago with several refills...blah blah blah". Yeah, we show you brought in 3 from a few months ago and you're already out of refills. Dumba$$s. I swear...

    Hah! I got so busy on my rant I forgot to answer the question.

    I knew I'd read it too much when I decided to take up painting and made an inventory of all my lotions and essential oils and looked up what they were for.
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    When you really know when you read GK to many times. When you find out you are drawing yourself in paintings in the galleria.

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    I know I've gotten addicted when I'm stressed out and I mentally shout "Matra ei Filho!!" or "Eiha!" as things are winding down. I haven't had the opportunity yet, but I'm almost positive I'd tell someome "bassda!" if they wouldn't shut up about something. My patience for stupidity rarely reaches points of rudeness.

    And when I'm bound and determined to find a sort of dictionary explaining the meanings of every plant imaginable, just 'cause I like that sort of thing 'cause it's not something people usually know.
    What's wrong with me? A little bit of everything, why do you ask?

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    When you honestly wish you could improve your life by painting into existance such as paint that you have your B.S. in environmental science.
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    When you are seriously tempted to have one of your characters say "Eiha!" in your fic.

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    So I was re-re-re(you get the idea)reading The Golden Key last night, and a passage struck me. I cannot make my own threads on this forum right now, so I looked for a thread that was somewhat similar. Ok! Let's get into it!

    When Saavedra and Sario witness the Chieva do'Sanguo, Saavedra vomits in the room above the Crechetta. She and Sario flee the area immediately after that. When Sario goes up there to clean it up a few hours later, he discovers that Tomaz is up there. The Viehos Fratos put Tomaz up there...so...

    Why didn't they notice the vomit? They brought Tomaz up there, cleaned the room, and left? There was never a search? Never a discovery?

    It is never mentioned again, and it frustrates me a bit. It's a tad large plot-hole, don't you think?

    Also, Tomaz was kept alive for 10 days (Give or take a little time) before Sario killed him. Saavedra covers Sario's actions by causing a larger fire. Tomaz could not have been dead too long, else the Viehos Fratos would have noticed that too. After all, they study dead people. They'd know rates of decomposition.

    Further, would a Pientraddo Chieva have magic that also effects those who painted with it? Would not those who panted those ailments onto Tomaz also feel that pain as Saavedra burned it?

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