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Thread: Introductions

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    bad actress Guest

    Post Introductions

    At the request (sort of!) of Evarin, here is a topic where people can say a little about themselves if they want to so we can all get to know each other a little better

    I'll start.

    I've been a member of this board since about January 1999 - is it really that long?! So I'm one of the really golden oldies I'm 20 years old, a 2nd year student of Internet Computing. I'm orginally from Nottingham and currently at Uni in Bradford. I have a boyfriend, Paul, of a little over 4 years who studies social sciences - he's in his final year at Bradford Uni. We live with three other guys off my course. I have no idea what I'd like to do when I graduate, as long as it's not too monotonous and earns me stacks of cash! for some reason of late I've really been wishing we could have a cat - I miss having a feline companion. But we can't because of our tenants agreement, plus we can't afford it. I'm currently completely snowed under with Uni work, but it's the holidays soon - thank the Goddess

    Well, I rambled a bit more than I meant to, but that's got the ball rolling. Anyone else?

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    After Introducing yourself (or before) PLEASE go read this topic http://www.melanierawn.com/bb/showth...=&threadid=551 it will answer ALL your questions about what is an avatar and how can you edit your status and anything else you ewant to know
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    Evarin Guest


    Greetings everyone. Thanks, Bad Actress, for posting this topic. I think it will be fascinating to have a better picture of the people behind the nom de plumes; hope everyone joins in.

    I'm 55 years old; new to the group, I wonder if I might nevertheless be the old-timer here. I'm what is called a P.C.P. (which is not a hallucinogen but the current name in the USA for a doctor who is a primary care provider); my office is in the Columbia University neighborhood in Manhattan, NY; I love this part of the city, with its academic & youthful community & student hangouts.

    My wife of 27 years is an oncologist (cancer specialist); we have four children, ages 11 through 26, each surprisingly different from the next, each hugely cherished. However, only one shares my passion for fantasy & science fiction, so it's great to discover this like-minded & international group.

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    Sirrala Guest


    I'm Sarah and I live in Arizona. I read my first Melanie Rawn novel, RoA (still my fave book ever), when I was 13 - just a little over a quarter of my life ago. I desperately want to move to Nashville, no offense to the desert-dwellers, I just love that town. I've been trying to write fantasy stories for about as long as I've been reading them, but I want to major in music business in college. Other than that, the only two other possibly interesting things about me are that I love my dog and Sherrie Austin music. My ideal life would be spent listening to that music, reading a Melanie Rawn novel (a certain CT would be nice) and petting my dog.

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    Nov 2001


    I'm 25 years old, married, and I have a little boy who's 4 and a half years old. I live in Houston, Texas where I was born and raised...just bounced around this city!
    I work in the aviation industry, which has been kinda scary lately! I do some extensive traveling for my company so every now and again I get to meet up with some of my fellow BBers!

    I first read the Dragon Prince Series when I was about 17/18ish. I just finished my 2nd re-read of the DP trilogy.

    Searching the web one day in March of 2000, I came across MelanieRawn.com and I've been here ever since! I just read the Exiles series and The Golden Key last Christmas and loved them! I suppose since I just read Exiles, I don't feel the agony of the wait for CT! I still have at least 2 more re-reads before I begin to feel it!

    I've met and befriended some of the most wonderful people in the world here, so this place means quite a bit to my sentimental little self!


    I have to keep the old post...it's so funny!

    Anyhow, I'm not in the aviation industry anymore (healthcare), I'm 27 now, and my son is 7!!! (7!!)

    Edit, Part II

    Boy, am I feeling old. I'm 29 now and my son is 8(.5). Eeek.
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    Nov 2001
    Sydney, Australia


    It's 4:40 AM in Australia at the moment and I haven't got much to do, so I think I'll jump in on the bandwagon!

    I'm a 21 year old unemployed bum *beam* who's just graduated from university, did a degree in Computing Science. I live in Sydney, Australia, which is a fantastic place to live. Especially with the Olympics last year.

    Have been reading the board intermittently for quite a long time, but I've only started posting regularly, and even then I think I only have lots to say in the other authors section.

    I got Dragon Prince as a Christmas present in about 1992 I think, and have been anxiously playing the waiting game for every book since then.

    I'm a big fan of online gaming, in particular MUDs (for those who don't know, stands for multi user dungeon, a text-based adventure game where lots of people chat, explore a virtual world, slay monsters mercilessly.) I currently spend all of my time on Discworld MUD, which is based (surprisingly enough on Terry Pratchett's Discworld series.

    Er. I have a pet cat called Michelle and a pet rabbit called Snowdrop that I love to tears. Here's a photo.

    That's basically my life!


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    Nov 2001
    Bonnie Scotland


    Aaaaw, lookit the kitty....and yikes, terminator bunny! Just a wee laff, ha-ha! They're gorgeous.

    I like to think I'm unique (or deeply unoriginal) in that I don't use a nom de plume, at least not here. Lynz is short for Lyndsey and I'm 27, married and expecting our first sproglet in the summer. Live in Scotland, make specs for a living and still dream about being a rockstar, despite not playing the guitar! My biggest passions are art and design (I have several half finished comics kicking about), music (from Sinatra to At the Drive-In), the telly (Star-Trek and Buffy being special faves) and, of course, books. I discovered a big thing for fantasy at school; McCaffrey, Anthony, GGK, you know the stuff. Found Melanie in my last year at High school ('92-ish) and somehow spent most of my twenties steeped in Sci-Fi and Cyberpunk before rediscovering DP earlier this year. In fact, I grabbed RofA on my way out the door to work this morning and blubbed over my lunch. Stoopid Falundir and his stoopis lute. And stoopider maternity hormones. Me, in a nutty-shell.
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    daphfair Guest


    I'm always a bit curious about the people behind the posts, so this thread caught my eye.

    I'm 33, single but engaged, luckily to a man who shares my passion for science fiction and fantasy. He also loves collecting comic books, Magic cards, and participating in table-top gaming, which I haven't developed a taste for and am wondering if it's because I have ten years on him. ::muses on that for a while::

    I live in NC and work as a Registered Nurse in an Intensive Care Unit, and very mcuh enjoy it. Am currently shopping around for a Master's program where I can complete most of the coursework online and I'm leaning toward a concentration in Informatics. Most of my fellow RNs who are continuing past a four year degree seem to be heading toward Nurse Practioner programs, but there appears to be a glut of them right now.

    I've been a bookworm all my life. Three rooms of my house are filled with books, and I have a pile in my bedroom floor just waiting... waiting.. for a new bookshelf. Science fiction, fantasy, horror, and medical books dominate my collection. I first read Rawn eons ago and love her work, although I also reserve special shelf space for George R R Martin, R A Salvatore, Eddings, Tolkien, Robert McCammon, Brian Lumley, Weis & Hickman, Lackey, Orson Scott Card, Terry Goodkind, Robert Jordan, and, as this handle would indicate, Glen Cook.

    I am owned by two cats, and three others are examining my property for possibilities, joined by a rather sad looking hound I suspect was abandoned.

    And, if you haven't noticed yet, I tend to ramble.


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    Nov 2001
    Chicago, IL USA


    Oh gosh!

    Lets see, I am seventeen years old and live in Chicago, IL. I found this BB in eighth grade. So I'm sort of an old timer here. I am one of the leaders of the famous teenybopper warriors on here, and was one of the starters of the Ages topic. Don't really remember anymore, it's been so long. I'm a senior now, and plan on going to college and majoring in Creative Writing. I'm not sure where yet. I do Tech Crew for my school, which is running lights and sound for the productions. I also am a leader in an Adventure Education classes at my school that teaches climbing, repelling and all that fun stuff. I spend most of my time online or writing mini novelas that I never finish. Oh and I love RPGing online. That's pretty new to me though. And lastly I still have yet to meet anyone on this board, or the creator, but there's time...there's time.

    So that's me in a nutshell pretty much!
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    Sionell Guest


    Okay, looks like it's my turn. Well let's see....I think that I've been haunting this board for a little over a year now, though I found Rawn's wonderful book years before. I don't know how you guys all remember when you first read them, I am so bad with dates! Anyway, I am an avid reader, with a special love for anything fantasy or horror, but I dabble in all types. It's a genetic thing--got it from my father, who got it from his mother....we have all types of books lining the walls. I am currently enrolled at good ole MSU, that's Michigan State University to you none Spartan types. I'm in my fifth year of school due to the small fact that I still have no clue what it is that I want to be when I grow up, but at the moment my path is heading towards the field of anthropolgy. Umm, what else? I'm 22 years old, and work at a book store ripping off other college students when they go to buy their books. Ain't life grand?

    Oh, and I haven't been on the board too much lately, as all my free time has been sucked away by a little board called Soraya.

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    Chiya Guest


    Hello. No, don't run away! It's not that bad, I promise!

    I'm Chiya, which is the diminutive of Achiasa (hard aspirated CH), which isn't my real name (Rosalie) but my full formal priestess name. As you will by now have guessed, I'm a pagan priestess and an inveterate strange person. ::nods approvingly::

    I've been hanging around here for eighteen months or so but lurking for a while before that. I adore fantasy and yes, of course, I write - dubiously...

    Hmm. I'm nineteen; didn't have a very good birthday (11/9) this year (I get VERY annoyed by people who try to read some demonic significance into that date). I live in Bradford Uni (same as Sarah) at the moment having just started an Archaeological Sciences course. But in reality I am from Bristol, which is of course the utmost pinnacle of geographical greatness. No, really.

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    Nov 2001
    Here Be Dragons (Bay Area California)


    And introducing the girl who quite possibly is known as her friend's own personel library:

    Well off the top my first name is Jennifer (parent's were thinking very much the same for along time, when they decided to name all their daughters Jennifer, much to the chargrin of the daughters.) I'm 19 live in California Bay Area and very much enjoy the scenery of wine country. Right getting my general education done at the local Junior College and plan on going into the wonderful world of Literature. And, have no idea what I will do with that knowledge. Work, read, and trying to enjoy the last of my teen years. Which is quite hard. And, Chiya if you think you have it bad on birthdays try 10-13-82.
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    Sarajael Guest


    Well, if you've never heard of me, you've not been here long enough ::grins::

    I'm Sarajael, and I've been posting here since October 1999, when I rather cheekily tagged along to meet Melanie when she visited London here in the UK. Best decision I ever made. I became an AIM addict, met lots of lovely people through the BB, and then spent a small fortune visiting Phoenix, Arizona to see them in August 2000. After landing a real job in the real world, I'm not so posty or chatty now, but that doesn't mean I don't look in.

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    Nov 2001


    I've been lurking this topic since it came up....I'm always slow to reveal too much about myself in the cyberworld....a couple bad experiences when I first met the world of chatting and posting. But seeing as how I've divulged my list of residences and a few other juicy tidbits to this BB and no one's come to stalk me, I guess I'm safe.

    Here goes: I'm 23 and engaged and living with my fiancee (if you remember the religious beliefs thread, you might recall I'm Catholic...hmmm.... ). I am somewhat new to Rawn. I discovered her just after I graduated from Notre Dame in May 2000 (Sionell, I thought Walvis & I raised you better...MSU???? *shakes head sadly*). I was working in a lab at ND and bored and had only recently started reading fantasy (Anne McCaffery's Freedom series was first under my belt) and I was looking for something with more to it (the Freedom series was particularly lacking in detail, I felt). So the cover art for Exiles grabbed me, and the thickness of it ensured me details (whether or not they were good, I had no idea, but I was willing to give it a whirl and was pleasantly surprised).

    As you might have guessed from the "lab" mention, I am a scientist. ND gave me a BS in Biochemistry. I took that and wandered here to CU-Boulder (don't get me started on the BCS - I seem to have traded one football saga for another!) to start a PhD program in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology (say that three times fast!). Anyhoo, after finding my man and hunkering down into a thesis lab, I realized that I don't particularly like academic research, so I'm leaving in May with my MS. I will either teach high school right away, or be a biotech flunky (earning nice moolah) for a while and teach HS later.

    Anything else....I'm a self-proclaimed geek. I love science, and I especially love teaching/explaining/talking about the coolness of it.

    My fiancee and I live with two cats who deign to share the apartment with us. They are incredibly cute (I'll add a picture later), and have science names.

    I think that covers it. *takes a bow*
    "Knowledge is useless unless it's shared." Prince Lleyn of Dorval in Dragon Prince

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    Hello I'm Michelle, native of Orlando, FL. I've been reading Rawn since 1996, when I went on a shopping spree in Barnes and Noble and picked up DP because it looked interesting. Of course now I get scared thinking, "what if I had never went down that aisle??". But I've been hooked ever since and been on here for about all of two months.

    I am graduating this week (hopefully, still waiting for the outcome of my final) with a BS in molecular and microbiology (you'll know all about this, Feylin ) And still waiting to see if I get accepted, but I hope to soon start getting my masters in Oriental medicine. Oh yeah I'm 22.

    I've got a younger sister and brother, a really cute dog, and a great boyfriend. I'm working on getting him to read this stuff. He's gotten me reading Tolkein, so maybe when we are done with the Lord of the Rings I can start him on DP or Exiles. Hobbies...reading (duh), kung fu, painting, music, anything with crafts.
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    Isabel Guest


    Looks like it's my turn. I'm Jennifer, 28, twice divorced, mother of two. Living with my boyfriend and 3 cats that we've collected over the almost 3 years we've been together. Live and work in Dallas, where I've spent 8 or so years on and off (military brat and full-fleged former service member).

    First got into Rawn when I borrowed DP from a boyfriend during exam week in highschool. When we broke up, I kept the book.

    Beside Rawn, I read G RR Martin and Gallbaldon. I do needlework and play in the SCA (medival re-enactment society).

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