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Thread: Introductions

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    Well Davvi I don't know if I would say I am home to stay, but I do poke my head in the door on occasion. I'm not going to publicly post what drove me off last time, but I should be making fairly (ir)regular visits.

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    And here we were hoping for some juicy gossip. DANG!

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    I am satish 22 years old,
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    Hello i'm Elizadhi! 23 Years old. Mother to one beautiful daughter. I hope i'm not the only one left here haha. I'm not the greatest at introductions. i recently red the dragon star/prinnce books for the very first time and totally fell in love with Melanie and thr world she creates. In my free time when i'm not reading or doing things with my little one i like to adventure. I'm an avid flow artist and fire performer. I have been hoopdancing (hula hoop dancing) for about a year and i eat/breathe fire.

  5. hello all my name is Wave

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    Hi, Wave! ....

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    thats nice

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    Huh, what is nice?
    Foxes are cute and furry and are mischievous, fox spirits can invade the souls of humans, and are equally mischievous.

    Even if you fall flat on your face, at least you are moving forward! =P

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    Hello! I have been poking my head in on this forum every now and again for years. I was fairly active on the old board (or maybe it was the old-old board?) under the name Adrianna. Looking forward to the eventual release of the final Exiles book.

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